Political Commentary and Social Sense

If you have listened to AFN's music, ready the lyrics, followed the band on social media, or spent time with them at a show, you immediately know that this is a band with a voice. Why do so many songs deal with the problems of society and especially government? It is a subject that deeply moves members of the band.

Coming from many different backgrounds and having many different political philosophies, the members of the band all agree on one thing - the government is failing us, and not only is it failing us, it has become increasingly more corrupt and in many ways, oppressive.



Released in 2016


01) What Doesn't Kill Me

Early release from AFN's
forthcoming album. Look
for it in the fall of 2016!


Released in 2012

01) Duplicity
02) In Nothing We Trust
03) Mesmerized
04) Bring the War
05) Russian Roulette
06) The Shallow
07) Sick
08) Faith in Violence


Released in 2010

01) I am Darkness
02) All That Fall
03) Road to Ruin
04) At the Gates
05) Eyes Wide Open
06) Speed of Life
07) Stalins Well
08) Prototype
09) Bulletproof

Speed of Life

Released in 2009

01) Road to Ruin*
02) At the Gates*
03) Stalin's Well*
*Alt Versions w/ EJ Todd